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Getting to the basics of your issues - neutrally, methodically, target-focused

Apart from offering a range of train-the-trainer coaching courses, some years ago I was able to add professional moderator training to my portfolio and am thus happy to also be available to assist you at company functions, fairs, or other events.

I can additionally be of assistance in overseeing individual workshops, large or small, so that you can place your complete focus on the content to be offered. Especially when decisions need to be made or problems have to be solved, it is becoming increasingly important that all concerned be involved on an equal footing to ensure quick results. I focus on guiding proceedings, make method recommendations concerning processes, and maintain a neutral position.

Moderation aims to:

  • Promote participants' creativity.
  • Design a joint learning process with all group members.
  • Make ideas accessible to all.
  • Solve tasks/problems in a targeted fashion while realising own aims and jointly attaining results and decisions.
  • Achieve results the whole group consents to and will implement.

I am happy to moderate:

  • Team talks / meetings
  • Project groups / working teams
  • Individual workshops
  • Large-group events
  • Company functions
  • Staff gatherings

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