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Like looking into a live mirror

I like using corporate role-play actors as qualitative training partners in my trainings. If there is one thing training with corporate training actors is, it is this: Different.

A corporate training actor serves as behavioural expert and can react to a participant's actions and communication. This has them offering a view into a live mirror and serving as your personal crash test dummy. This perspective facilitates recognising one's own behaviour and communication and gathering invaluable experience. Apart from mirroring participants in their roles, the corporate training actor's portfolio includes providing qualified feedback.

Different from classical role play, corporate training actors have been specially trained for seminars and in this way ensure trainings are successful and results enduring.

Your accomplishments

  • The participant learns which strategies to apply effectively in communicating and can practice them during training.
  • Their broad coaching predestines corporate training actors to provide training for all kinds of communication situations.
  • The training has proved to be more effective and to uncover as yet untapped performance potential.
  • Lasting behavioural change and identification with the new behaviour.

Where can training actors be used?

  • Conducting talks objectively and successfully
  • Communicate appreciatively
  • Conducting conflict debate
  • Appraisal interviews
  • Target-focused communication; communication aimed at recipient


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