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Develop your individual potential - as team member, as executive, as an individual

I regard myself a moderator and supporter in you experiencing and developing your knowledge. Given my longstanding professional experience with international corporations, I attach critical significance to practical relevance when it comes to transferring knowledge into your personal area of responsibility.

My training courses and workshops focus on interacting, experiencing, working out things, practicing internalising - and do all this sustainably and thoroughly - from practice and for practice.

Excerpt from my training courses

  • Train managers / international development programs
  • Cultivate and develop employees
  • Presentation and communication training
  • Employ corporate role-play actors
  • Time management, self management
  • Sales training / client orientation
  • Resilience

Excerpt from my workshops

  • Team development / team building
  • Assess employee surveys and deduce measures
  • On-board new employees
  • Involvement in shaping change processes
  • Leadership principles
  • Conflict management

You and I will jointly develop individual and tailor-made concepts that will fit your employees, your company, its challenges, and its corporate culture. These concepts will promote every individual on their development journey - even outside their personal comfort zone - and do so for the long haul.

I am delighted to be able to be your competent and professional partner in your endeavour to offer classical training and internal workshops.

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